Lemon balm 15g

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Lemon balm

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Lemon balm, from Latin Melissa officinalis L. - it is a pot of perennials from the Lyme family.
Its folk names are: starzyszek, beekeeper, queen bee, lemon herb, swarm. It grows wild in North Africa,
in countries such as Tunisia, the Canary Islands, Morocco, Madeira, as well as in southern Europe and Asia,
and is also sparse beyond these areas. It is currently very popular and cultivated all over the world, also in Poland. As a medicinal plant: the dried leaves of Melissae folium have a content of not less than 1% rosmarinic acid.
The smell of the raw material resembles that of lemon. Action: primarily calming, reduces insomnia and anxiety, helps with neurosis and depression.
Lemon balm is also used in headaches, menstrual pains and chronic fatigue syndrome.
It also helps with flatulence and gas, helps with upset stomach and digestive tract.
It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestines,
reduces the tension of the large intestine. In addition, it helps to induce menstruation,
relieves the tension of peripheral blood vessels, has a relaxing effect and regenerates the nervous system.
Lemon balm compresses eliminate painful swelling. Inhalations are helpful in attacks of allergies and coughing.
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