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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of essential oils that have an

amazing effect on our body and mind, e.g.

for headaches, migraines, we recommend using lavender, mint, eucalyptus, grapefruit oils, rheumatic pains, arthritis - pine, eucalyptus, clove, sage, cinnamon, rosemary, while tea tree oil, clove oil, thyme oil, lemon oil will be helpful for the decreased immunity of the organism.

For hyperactivity, hypertension and insomnia, we recommend melissa, lemon, orange, lavender, and geranium.

Lavender, rosemary and juniper oil will be beneficial for swelling.

Nervousness - lavender, melissa, orange, sandalwood.

Coldness - ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli.

Rosemary, pine and lavender will be helpful for cardiovascular disorders.

Low arterial pressure, excessive sleepiness - thyme, eucalyptus, sage, clove, cedar.

Disorders of the menopausal period - cypress, sandalwood, lemon balm, lavender, pine.