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    Fenix 2.0
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Fenix ​​is ​​a brand famous for portable vaporizers for herbs and concentrates. The manufacturer is the Chinese company Weecke, which also produces other devices for its customers. This company's vaporizers are characterized by very good workmanship and relatively low price. Such a combination makes Fenix ​​products very popular among customers.

The smallest of the vaporizers is the Fenix ​​Svaty - a small convection vaporizer for herbs that is only 10cm long. This is a standard model that has an OLED screen, an operating temperature range of 160-210 ° C and a chamber made of stainless steel.

The newer model is the Fenix ​​Mini. This small vaporizer allows you to vaporize herbs and, after using a special glass container, also concentrates, such as oils or waxes. Its dimensions are only 5x8x2.5 cm. Fenix ​​Mini also heats up very quickly - it reaches a temperature of 200 ° C in 30 seconds.

Fenix ​​- is a standard convection vaporizer that does not have a screen and full temperature control. It has 4 pre-programmed temperature settings, and the selection of each of them is indicated by a colored LED. AIR HEATING® is a patented convection heating system. It guarantees great taste and vapor quality.

Fenix ​​2.0 - is a new, improved version of the company's first vaporizer. An OLED screen with full temperature control has been added. The patented AIR HEATING® system controls the quality of the steam produced, and the addition to this is a titanium heating chamber. Fenix ​​2.0 has a built-in 4400mAh battery, which provides up to 90 minutes of work.

Fenix ​​Pro - is the latest model of a convection vaporizer, designed for the vaporization of herbs. It is an advanced model that produces great quality dense vapor. As one of the few vaporizers, it has a fully removable airflow path, which allows you to keep the vaporizer clean. An additional advantage is the magnetic cover and the integrated toothpick, which also acts as a tool for removing the air path. A large and readable OLED screen, configurable session duration and built-in vibration are other advantages of this model. Built-in 2300 mAh battery with fast charging will provide up to 80 minutes of operation.

We are the official and certified distributor of the Fenix producst in Poland. When buying from us, you can be sure that all products are 100% original and covered by a full warranty.


Official Weecke website - www.weecke.com