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Lemon Grass - Refreshing Spice with a Lemon Flavor

The highly aromatic lemon grass is a perfect addition to your culinary journey. Its refreshing, lemony taste complements fish, curry dishes, and soups made with coconut milk. It is not just a spice; it also offers a range of health benefits. Lemon grass supports natural immunity, aids in digestion, and has a calming effect on the body.

Exceptional Ingredients:

Our product consists of 100% pure lemon grass. It is sourced from dried leaves obtained from natural cultivation. We guarantee the highest quality, as our lemon grass comes directly from India, a country with a long tradition of cultivating and utilizing this herb.

Usage Instructions:

Lemon grass can be used in various ways. It is a wonderful addition to teas and herbal beverages. To prepare an aromatic infusion, steep one teaspoon of lemon grass in a cup of boiling water or milk. After 15 minutes, strain the infusion and sweeten with honey if desired. You can enjoy it several times a day to experience its refreshing taste and beneficial effects on health.


To maintain the freshness and aroma of lemon grass, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. It is important to protect it from direct sunlight to preserve its full properties and flavor for a longer period.


Please note that our product is not suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation. If you have any concerns, we advise consulting with a physician before incorporating lemon grass into your routine.

Discover the fresh taste and health benefits of lemon grass today! Spice up your dishes, savor aromatic infusions, and experience harmony within your body.

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