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Flowermate Vaporizer Technology - American company belonging to SMISS group. Flowermate headquarters is located in Ontario, California. The first vaporizer to bring the company's popularity to Flowermate V5.0, and the successor of which is a very popular V5.0S to date. Each and every Flowermate model is even more thoughtful and up-to-date. The company is focused on practicality and elegant design, not giving in to the care and attention to details.

The most popular V5 models such as V5.0 PRO and V5.0X are made of high quality materials such as aluminum, ceramics, glass and thus powered by powerful rechargeable batteries offer a very long working life. One of the newest devices is the Swift Pro. The cheapest Flowermate model is the Flowermate Aura Vaporizer. Designed for the vaporization of dried fruits and concentrates thanks to two interchangeable containers. This classic model has a battery of 2200mAh which translates into about 70 minutes of work.

The temperature range Aura supports is from 40 ° C to 230 ° C. Vaporizers of the V5 series are very popular in the vaporization market. The V5 series features two types of devices, larger and smaller. Mini Vaporizers such as Flowermate V5S Mini, V5X Mini and V5 Pro Mini are very compact devices. Equipped with 2600mAh single-cell cells, which will operate for at least 90 minutes of operation. Desing vaporizers from the Mini series closely relate only to the fine details.

The larger V5 series is primarily a 2x2600mAh dual-core vaporizers. Such a powerful battery suffices for more than 180 minutes of operation. Due to the larger battery life, they are slightly larger than the Mini series. Models V5 series is Flowermate V5S, V5X, V5 PRO. More advanced models include the Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer or Hybrid X. All Flowermate Vaporizers models have ceramic chambers.

The official site of Flowermate Vaporizer Technology - www.flowermate.com