Cases, covers, storage compartments for vaporizers

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  1. Case, Vapesuit Orange - Crafty
    Case, Vapesuit Orange - Crafty
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Cases, covers, and storage containers for vaporizers are various accessories used for storing and protecting vaporizers. Some vaporizers, due to their construction, often have sensitive components such as glass stems that require proper protection during storage and transportation.

Among these accessories, we can distinguish, for example, silicone cases for portable vaporizers, which primarily aim to protect the entire device's housing from damage.

There are also complete boxes available for vaporizers and essential accessories such as a grinder, additional mouthpieces, or a charger.

Various smaller storage containers are also available, such as magnetic wooden cases for butane vaporizers from the DynaVap series.

All these products aim to provide safe and convenient storage for vaporizers, both at home and during travel. When choosing a case, cover, or storage container for a vaporizer, it is important to consider the size and model of the device to ensure proper fitting and protection.