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  1. Case, Vapesuit Orange - Crafty
    Case, Vapesuit Orange - Crafty
    Special Price €18.64 Regular Price €21.00
  2. Plenty - Storz & Bickel
    Plenty - Storz & Bickel
    Special Price €200.36 Regular Price €254.47
  3. Mighty - Storz & Bickel
    Mighty - Storz & Bickel
    Special Price €223.96 Regular Price €353.76
  4. Crafty+C
    Special Price €248.98 Regular Price €330.16
  5. Volcano Classic
    Volcano Classic
    As low as €325.44
  6. Mighty+ Storz & Bickel
    Mighty+ Storz & Bickel
    Special Price €341.96 Regular Price €424.56
  7. Venty
    Special Price €457.60 Regular Price €471.76
  8. Volcano Hybrid
    Volcano Hybrid
    As low as €476.48
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Storz & Bickel is a German company from Tuttlingen, specializing in the production of portable and stationary vaporizers. Their products are recognized all over the world. Stationary Volcano available in 4 variants as well as portable Mighty or Crafty.

The manufacturer takes care of both his customers and the quality of the products they sell, so all models have the utmost care and a rich set of accessories for each model purchased. Also, we will find spare accessories and spare parts in the market without any problems.

Crafty - portable vaporizer designed for vaporization of dried and concentrates. Crafty enables vaporization in the temperature range of 40 to 210 ° C. Crafty does not have a built-in display, and all controls are powered by a dedicated application.

Mighty - this is Crafty's bigger brother. Mighty has a 2x larger battery that provides about 90 minutes of work. The Mighty Vaporizer is equipped with a color LED display that shows the temperature settings and battery level. Vaporizers Volcano is a family of stationary vaporizers. These are high quality vaporizers that allow for the vaporization of both the dried and the concentrates.

Volcano is divided into two types: cheaper Volcano Classic Solid Valve and Volcano Classic Easy Valve and more expensive Volcano Digit Solid Valve and Volcano Digit Easy Valve. Vaporizers Volcano Classic models do not have a display and the temperature setting is done with the rotary control. Range of operating temperatures from 130 to 230 ° C. Volcano Digit has a more accurate temperature control range of 40 to 230 ° C with built-in LED display.

All devices from Storz & Bickel have a rich set of accessories and the manufacturer also provides trouble-free access to spare parts.

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