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  1. DaVinci MIQRO-C
    DaVinci MIQRO-C
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  2. DaVinci IQ
    DaVinci IQ
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  3. DaVinci IQC
    DaVinci IQC
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  4. DaVinci IQ2
    DaVinci IQ2
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DaVinci - as the name suggests, the founders of the company inspired by the great achievements of Leonardo DaVinci and gave the name of their business. As they write on facebook profile they want to revolutionize the world of vaporization. Maybe they finally succeeded, because this year's daylight has seen their newest baby, the innovative portable vaporizer IQ. Judging by the terminology, this is a kind of intelligent vaporizer, which will dominate the competition with its attributes. Another very well known model is the much-vaunted Ascent vaporizer.

DaVinci is taking great care in designing new devices, thus putting in quality but not quality. Therefore, in their achievements we can not find too many models, but each of them is well thought out and undoubtedly worth buying. The Vaporizer DaVinci Ascent is a high end vaporizer that was launched just a few years ago. Unmistakable model of this model is its powerful battery, which can withstand up to 3 hours of operation.

The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer enables the vaporization not only of dried but also concentrates. The range of supported temperatures is 3-221 ° C. In addition, the glass mouthpiece and ceramic chamber provide the purest taste. Vaporizer DaVinci IQ is the latest model of this manufacturer. This smart vaporizer can be controlled using dedicated iOS and Android applications. DaVinci IQ enables the vaporization of dried and concentrates. It also has a special aroma chamber. Instead of the display, there are 51 LEDs that provide information on the state of the device, among others. Displays the temperature or battery level. The additional advantage of the IQ is a 18650 replaceable rechargeable battery with 3500mAh capacity.

Official website of DaVinci - www.davincivaporizer.com