Focusvape - a young company from Hong Kong, whose first products saw daylight in 2016. In their achievements do not have many models, but their products are characterized by high quality and affordable price. In their offer, we can find a vaporizer with the same name - Focusvape, and more advanced Focusvape Pro S.

Their flagship product is the Focusvape Adventurer. The latest model is Focusvape Tourist. Interestingly, all vaporizers of this manufacturer have removable batteries. The Focusvape Vaporizer is the cheapest Focusvape unit. Portable vaporiser with replaceable 18650 battery with classic longitudinal shape. A ceramic drying chamber and a microUSB socket for battery charging are being used here. Focusvape has 6 preset temperature settings in the 160-220 ° C range.

Focusvape Pro S is a more advanced model of the portable vaporizer. In this model the temperature range is 80-240 ° C, thanks to the built-in OLED display we have full control and the ability to set the temperature to 1 ° C. Focusvape Pro also features 3-stage airflow control and built-in vibration. The Focuvape Premium Pro is enriched with an additional water filter so called bubbler. Focusvape Adventurer is a great portable vaporizer with retractable bubbler inside. It has an OLED screen, the ability to control the temperature in the range of 80-240 ° C and ceramic chamber.

Like all Focusvape models, the Adventurer has an 18650 rechargeable battery that can be charged via the built-in microUSB jack. Focusvape Tourist. This is the latest vaporizer model which, besides the vaporization of the dried product, can also handle any concentrates such as oils, waxes, etc. The range of temperatures for dried products is 80-240 ° C and for 240-450 ° C concentrates. Focusvape Tourist. It is equipped with OLED screen, ceramic chamber, replaceable 18650 battery and microUSB socket. Included with Focusvape Tourist. We also receive glass filter caps, one for dried and the other for concentrates.

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