Bubblers, adapters, water filtration kits

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  1. Water adapter Easy Flow 18 mm - Pax 2, Pax 3
    Water adapter Easy Flow 18 mm - Pax 2, Pax 3
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  2. Vapman - Titanium Multiadapter
    Vapman - Titanium Multiadapter
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Bubblers, adapters, and water filters are highly regarded accessories for vaporizers, both portable and stationary. They are used to enhance the purity and cooling of the vaporized steam.

Bubblers are typically specialized, small bongs that can be attached to a vaporizer. The main purpose of using bubblers is to cool and moisturize the vapor before inhalation. Similar to bongs, a bubbler consists of a water chamber that filters and cools the vapor, resulting in a smoother and less throat-irritating inhalation experience. Bubblers are often made of heat-resistant glass, which is usually easy to clean and maintain.

Adapters are accessories that allow the vaporizer to be adapted for water filtration. Adapters are usually fitted in place of the mouthpiece. With adapters, you can connect the vaporizer to various water filters such as bubblers or regular bongs. Adapters with standard diameters of 10, 14, and 18 mm are available on the market.

All these accessories - bubblers, adapters, and water filters - serve to improve the quality of vapor inhalation from vaporizers. They help reduce throat irritation, cool the vapor, and enhance the cleanliness and flavor of the inhaled substances. The choice of suitable accessories depends on the user's preferences and the model of the vaporizer being used.