Stationary vaporizers

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  1. Tetra Hydro
    Tetra Hydro
    As low as €46.96
  2. Tetra Magnum - Walnut
    Tetra Magnum - Walnut
    Special Price €98.88 Regular Price €115.40
  3. Arizer Extreme-Q (Black)
    Arizer Extreme-Q (Black)
    Special Price €129.56 Regular Price €141.36
  4. Arizer XQ2
    Arizer XQ2
    Special Price €212.16 Regular Price €259.36
  5. Plenty - Storz & Bickel
    Plenty - Storz & Bickel
    Special Price €215.94 Regular Price €254.47
  6. Herborizer XL System
    Herborizer XL System
    As low as €282.96
  7. Herborizer Ti System
    Herborizer Ti System
    As low as €306.56
  8. Volcano Classic
    Volcano Classic
    As low as €325.44
  9. Volcano Hybrid
    Volcano Hybrid
    As low as €476.48
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Vaporizers (Vaporizers, Vaporization) stationary. Domestic stationary vaporizers. Required electrical outlet.

Vaporizers and stationary vaporizers are devices intended for home use. They require a power supply from an electrical outlet to function, because unlike portable vaporizers, they do not have a built-in battery.

These types of vaporizers are more expensive than portable vaporizers, but they contain temperature stabilization, which makes their use very comfortable, and the vaporization itself - very effective. Often, in addition to the direct generation and inhalation of vapor, stationary vaporizers have the option of collecting it in special balloons, which can be inhaled at a later time.

Stationary vaporizers - functions When choosing a vaporizer, you should pay attention to temperature regulation. Some stationary vaporizers allow you to change it with an accuracy of one degree Celsius, which allows you to precisely adjust the operation of the device to the type of herb or user preferences.

Another improvement is the automatic switch-off of the vaporizer, which allows you to save energy after use. The most advanced stationary vaporizers contain additional amenities, e.g. in the form of a rotating hose, which makes it easier to use the device in a group - it is similar to smoking a shisha together.