What is a vaporizer, vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that heats dried herbs or their concentrates (oils, waxes - depending on the model of the vaporizer) to the appropriate temperature at which the desired active ingredients contained in them are released. The vapor created in this way does not contain toxic substances, as is the case with classic smoking, where thick and acrid smoke is produced, and the effects of vaporization are much better and equally satisfactory. Vaporizers are divided into portable and stationary, as well as so-called vaporizers. butane (without electronic temperature stabilization)


What is the difference between a portable vaporizer and a stationary one?

Portable vaporizers are designed for people who spend a lot of time away from home and want to be able to vaporize their favorite herbs or concentrates. Portable vaporizers are discreet and can be used almost anywhere. Most of the models easily fit in the hand and we can easily carry them in a trouser pocket, backpack, etc. Many of them also have a replaceable battery (the most common type is 18650). An increasing number of the latest models are equipped with a USB-C charging socket.

Stationary vaporizers are intended only for use at home, mainly because they need a constant power source - electricity from an electrical outlet. They are also much larger, more powerful and usually offer better results than portable models, and some of them also offer the option of vaporization using a balloon, such as Volcano Hybrid or Arizer Exreme-Q.

Butane vaporizers are devices intended rather for recreational users who like dense and tasty clouds and are rather not interested in a strictly defined temperature of vaporization of herbs or concentrates. The most popular butane vaporizers are the American conduction vaporizers DynaVap. For their operation, we need a good incandescent burner and clean gas. Other models are, for example, the very popular Polish Tetra convection vaporizers, and their power and produced vapor can be compared to the power of a bong.

What is the difference between a vaporizer and a bong or water pipe?

In a classic bong or a water pipe, ordinary combustion takes place, resulting in smoke that is unhealthy for our body and full of toxic substances. Of course, the smoke is minimally filtered by water before it reaches our lungs, but even after such filtration, it is still smoke, filled with tar and toxic gases. The vaporizer doesn't really need a water filter because there is no combustion and vapor is produced that does not contain any toxic substances produced by combustion. Of course, nothing stands in the way of additional help with a bubbler or a water filter to make our vapor even more delicate and tasty for us.


What is the difference between an electronic vaporizer and a butane vaporizer?

Electronic vaporizers have temperature stabilization, thanks to which we can set the exact temperature we want and we are sure that the vaporized herbs will not burn. Manual vaporizers, e.g. Bulb Vaporizer – Eagle Bill, DynaVap or Tetra are vaporizers designed rather for advanced vapers, purists who like and want to vaporize their favorite herbs in this way. Using them, depending on the model, requires a bit of experience and more or less skill, because with the wrong technique, we can burn our vaporized herbs in them.


Is vaping really much healthier than smoking?

Definitely YES, no doubt about it. It is primarily a much healthier alternative to regular smoking, and often, as it turns out, also more economical. The vaporizer does not burn the herbs, because the vaporized material does not come into contact with fire. Depending on the model, the vaporizer heats the material in several ways: with a hot chamber (conduction), with hot air (convection) or both (hybrid heating).


What is the difference between conduction, convection and hybrid heating?

Conduction - heating by conduction. The chamber in which, for example, the herb is located, is heated and transfers heat.
Convection – i.e. heating the material with a stream of hot air. The herbs or concentrate in the chamber are heated by a stream of hot air when we inhale.
Hybrid - a combination of the two above methods of heating.




Does the vapor have any taste or smell during vaporization?

Compared to regular smoking, the vapor produced has almost no noticeable and intense smell during vaping. There may be a slight smell, especially when vaping at higher temperatures, but the resulting vapor dissolves in the air after a while, leaving no trace, as is the case with traditional smoking. Nobody likes when our clothes, hair, apartment smell like smoke. When we start using a vaporizer, this problem will not concern us.

Why are some vaporizers so expensive?

Vaporizers can be expensive due to the materials used (borosilicate glass, stainless steel, Zirconia ceramics, titanium, etc.), technology (type of heating element, analog or digital temperature control, etc.) and many other factors. A good vaporizer does not have to be expensive, and an expensive vaporizer is not necessarily better. But if you are looking for a device that will last a long time and that you can use it comfortably and effectively, buying one of the cheapest vaporizers will probably disappoint you. Check out our recommended models of portable vaporizers up to PLN 600 - CLICK HERE.


What is the difference between a session vaporizer and an on-demand vaporizer?

The most common are session vaporizers, where after filling the chamber with material, turn on the device and set the temperature, and then vaporize until the material is used up, usually for a few minutes. In session vaporizers, it is important to vaporize the entire content of the chamber, because at the moment when we would like to stop the inhalation and finish it in a few moments, the heat that will still remain in the chamber, even after turning off the device, will continue to heat our herbs, simply consuming them .

On-demand vaporizers are less popular and there are definitely fewer of them on the market, but they work in a slightly different way. Such a vaporizer heats up instantly within a few seconds and cools down just as quickly, so it doesn't evaporate our herbs when we don't want it to. On-demand vaporizers will be perfect for all those people who want to take one puff and wait a long time before the next one. An example of such an electronic vaporizer is the Firefly 2+. and butane Tetra One.


So how long does a session vaporizer take to warm up?

The fastest models on the market warm up in less than 30 seconds. There are also models that need even 2-3 minutes to warm up. However, this does not mean that a vaporizer that heats up quickly will always give better results than those that heat up slowly.


How long does one session with dried CBD last?

This question cannot be unequivocally answered. It all depends on the quality of the CBD herb, the variety, the degree of humidity, the amount we fill the chamber with, the model of the vaporizer, the temperature, the frequency of taking hits, etc. In general, one session usually lasts a few minutes. It is worth buying a good and proven CBD herb so that the effects of our vaporization are satisfactory.


Is it difficult to use a vaporizer?

Basically, not if we have a good vaporizer with temperature stabilization, but it all depends on the type of vaporizer. Such models as, for example, Firefly 2+ or most butane models, such as Tetra require a moment of "learning" to take breaths or appropriate heating for butane waxes, and general use to achieve the best results. With some models, emptying and refilling the herb chamber or cleaning the vaporizer can be a bit of a pain. Always use caution as some components can be very hot.


How will I know if the herb is used up and when to stop vaping?

In the case of dried CBD, vaporization will usually take a few minutes. It is difficult to clearly determine how long and how many puffs we will get from one charge of the vaporizer. Used CBD drought has a dark color (brown-brown), its taste is spicy (earthy, peanut) and the vapor is getting smaller. With time, everyone will get used to it and will know perfectly how much and how to vaporize.


How to clean a vaporizer?

It all depends on the type of vaporizer you have. Some vaporizers are very easy to clean and don't get dirty very much, while others will require more frequent cleaning due to their complex construction consisting of many elements. In most cases, special ISO alcohol-based cleaners are recommended for cleaning - check!


The steam makes me cough. Can I do something to prevent this?

The cause of coughing, choking, is probably quite high temperature or sometimes the type of dried or concentrate used. Everything also depends on the level of advancement, people who have been vaping for a long time are used to it, unlike beginners. To cool down the vapor, we can buy water adapters, thanks to which we can connect our vaporizer to water filtration, e.g. a bong. There are also bubblers (small water filters) dedicated to each model available for sale, which we usually mount to the vaporizer instead of the mouthpiece. The steam that will pass through the cool glass filter and water will be much cooler and gentle on our throat and lungs.


Can I use hash in a vaporizer?

Yes, but it all depends on the specific model. Some vaporizers are designed only for the vaporization of dry herbs. For hashish, the evaporation temperature needs to be slightly higher than that used for herbs. Since hash tends to melt when heated, this can be a problem with vaporizers that use a strainer in the chamber. Molten hash can become dangerous if it flows into the heating element or electrical parts inside the device.


Can I use liquids in a vaporizer?

NO. Vaporizers are not designed for vaping liquid liquids (although there have been exceptions), which have a very liquid, thin consistency. Most vaporizers are designed for vaporizing herbs, and a large part of them are also used for concentrates.


Is it legal to own a vaporizer?

Just like in Poland, in most countries owning vaporizers is also legal.


Where can I buy a good and recommended vaporizer?

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