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Sticky Brick Labs is an American company famous for the production of butane vaporizers.

Sticky Brick vaporizers are made of various types of wood. The name Sticky Brick is nothing but "sticky / sticky brick".
When you pick up any Sticky Brick vaporizer model, this is exactly what it looks like.
All models are mainly made of wood, glass and magnets. They are like building blocks that are held together by strong neodymium magnets. Sticky Brick vaporizers are intended rather for experienced people who want to make the most of the potential of vaporized herbs.

Due to the lack of temperature stabilization, some practice is needed to be able to use this type of equipment well.
Recently, the so-called Restrictor Disc - limiting discs. Placed under the fire nozzle, they prevent overheating and accidental burning of the herbs. The flagship model is the Sticky Brick Original - the largest, rather stationary unit due to its dimensions.
It consists of 3 wooden elements and a large glass mouthpiece and a glass fire nozzle.

Sticky Brick OG is the easiest to use, thanks to the long vapor path and the long mouthpiece,
we can easily see the density of the vaporized vapor and we are able to properly dose the fire and operate the clutch. Sticky Brick Junior is a brilliant portable model. It has been designed so that it can be comfortably and safely taken wherever we want.
All glass elements are well protected by a wooden cover.

Sticky Brick Junior is more difficult to use, because the glass elements and the vapor path are shorter here,
so you have to be careful when vaporizing not to burn the herbs. Restricting discs come in handy - they fit all Sticky Brick models.

The Flip Brick is a model designed to be used with water filtration.
The new Flip Brick 2019 model has been slightly redesigned from its original version.
The wooden housing is larger, the glass adapter and the fire nozzle are also longer, which has a positive effect on the quality of the steam produced.
In Flip Brick 2019, the set includes 2 limiting discs, so now using the new model 2019 is much easier than before.

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