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Most models of portable vaporizers, excluding butane vaporizers, are powered by a dedicated battery or a universal 18650 or 18350 rechargeable battery. Portable vaporizers often use lithium-ion batteries, which provide enough power to heat our favorite blend of dried plant and generate the right amount of vapor. The vast majority of models are powered by a replaceable 18650 cell, which is a particularly good solution because they can be charged and used many times and thus extend the life of our vaporizer. An additional advantage is the possibility of replacing the cell when necessary and charging in external chargers designed for this type of batteries.

In this category, apart from batteries, you will also find chargers for specific models of vaporizers, USB cables, mains adapters for stationary vaporizers or external universal chargers for various types of cells, such as the most popular 18650 or 18350.