Smono is a German company that distributes portable vaporizers. The company relies on ready-made models of vaporizers and modifies them.

An example is the Flowermate Pro 6 vaporizer, which is an improved version of the popular Flowermate V5.0S Pro model by Flowermate Technology.
A black ceramic chamber was used here and the charging port was changed to a much more popular and convenient microUSB socket.

Another model is the Smono 3. This is an improved version of the very popular and popular convection vaporizer - Fenix ​​Mini.
In this model, the mouthpiece has been changed from a plastic one to a longer one, but also a glass one,
which cools the smoke better and provides more pleasant vapor for our throat.

Smono is also a producer of such models as Smono 4 or Smono Premium Cleaner vaporizer cleaner.

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