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  1. DynaVap VapCap B
    DynaVap VapCap B
    Special Price €42.24 Regular Price €56.40
  2. Tetra Hydro
    Tetra Hydro
    As low as €46.96
  3. X-Max OONT
    X-Max OONT
    Special Price €46.96 Regular Price €56.40
  4. X-Max DABOO
    X-Max DABOO
    Special Price €49.32 Regular Price €61.12
  5. XVAPE Mambo
    XVAPE Mambo
    Special Price €54.04 Regular Price €65.84
  6. X-Max V3 NANO
    X-Max V3 NANO
    As low as €56.40
  7. Fenix Mini
    Fenix Mini
    Special Price €56.40 Regular Price €61.12
  8. DynaVap VapCap M 2021
    DynaVap VapCap M 2021
    Special Price €59.26 Regular Price €65.84
  9. X-Max V3 Pro
    X-Max V3 Pro
    As low as €63.43
  10. X-Max Starry 4
    X-Max Starry 4
    As low as €70.56
  11. X-Max Riggo
    X-Max Riggo
    As low as €70.56
  12. DynaVap 2023 M Plus
    DynaVap 2023 M Plus
    Special Price €72.92 Regular Price €96.52
  13. Fenix Mini+
    Fenix Mini+
    Special Price €82.36 Regular Price €94.16
  14. Tetra Mini
    Tetra Mini
    As low as €87.08
  15. Smono 4 Pro
    Smono 4 Pro
    As low as €94.16
  16. Tetra Magnum - Walnut
    Tetra Magnum - Walnut
    Special Price €98.88 Regular Price €115.40
  17. Tetra 2
    Tetra 2
    As low as €98.88
  18. Arizer Air SE
    Arizer Air SE
    As low as €109.03
  19. Arizer V-Tower 4.0
    Arizer V-Tower 4.0
    Special Price €110.68 Regular Price €117.76
  20. Boundless CFX
    Boundless CFX
  21. DaVinci MIQRO-C
    DaVinci MIQRO-C
    As low as €117.76
  22. Fenix 2.0
    Fenix 2.0
    Special Price €127.20 Regular Price €141.36
  23. PAX MINI
    As low as €141.36
  24. Dani V3
    Dani V3
    As low as €141.36
  25. Dynavap WoodWynd
    Dynavap WoodWynd
    Special Price €141.36 Regular Price €200.36
  26. ArGo
    Special Price €145.14 Regular Price €164.96
  27. Arizer Solo 2
    Arizer Solo 2
    As low as €150.80
  28. XLUX Roffu Lite Kit
    XLUX Roffu Lite Kit
    As low as €153.16
  29. Utillian 722
    Utillian 722
    As low as €163.78
  30. Dani Fusion 2.0
    Dani Fusion 2.0
    As low as €164.96
  31. DaVinci IQ
    DaVinci IQ
    Special Price €174.40 Regular Price €186.20
  32. Lotus
    As low as €174.40
  33. Firefly 2+
    Firefly 2+
    Special Price €188.56 Regular Price €259.36
  34. Revolve Gen. 2
    Revolve Gen. 2
    As low as €188.56
  35. YLLVAPE Angus
    YLLVAPE Angus
    Special Price €188.56 Regular Price €235.76
  36. MagicStone Odyssey 2
    MagicStone Odyssey 2
    Special Price €188.56 Regular Price €202.72
  37. DynaVap OmniVonG
    DynaVap OmniVonG
    As low as €188.56
  38. MagicStone Alchemy (Emerald)
    MagicStone Alchemy (Emerald)
    Special Price €200.36 Regular Price €212.16
  39. Plenty - Storz & Bickel
    Plenty - Storz & Bickel
    Special Price €200.36 Regular Price €254.47
  40. Arizer XQ2
    Arizer XQ2
    Special Price €200.36 Regular Price €259.36
  41. PAX Plus
    PAX Plus
    As low as €207.44
  42. DaVinci IQC
    DaVinci IQC
    Special Price €212.16 Regular Price €223.96
  43. DaVinci IQ2
    DaVinci IQ2
    Special Price €221.60 Regular Price €235.76
  44. Mighty - Storz & Bickel
    Mighty - Storz & Bickel
    Special Price €223.96 Regular Price €353.76
  45. Utillian 723
    Utillian 723
    As low as €223.96
  46. G Pen Elite 2
    G Pen Elite 2
    Special Price €233.40 Regular Price €249.92
  47. Pax 3 full set
    Pax 3 full set
    As low as €242.84
  48. Crafty+C
    Special Price €248.98 Regular Price €330.16
  49. Herborizer XL System
    Herborizer XL System
    As low as €282.96
  50. Zenco Duo
    Zenco Duo
    As low as €300.66
  51. Herborizer Ti System
    Herborizer Ti System
    As low as €306.56
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Vaporizer or Vaporizer?

A Vaporizer, also called a Vaporizer, is a special device for modern aromatherapy. It heats the dry material from various types of plants until active substances begin to be released from it. The difference between a vaporizer and a vaporizer is only in the name. These are different words describing the same devices.


Have questions? We will clear your doubts. Write to us on chat, in an email message or if you prefer call us. We havea huge selection of vaporizers for every pocket. We will surely find one that meets all your requirements.


It is definitely worth buying a vaporizer, because using a vaporizer provides much cleaner experiences and a range of other benefits than traditional smoking. During vaporization, you do not destroy cannabinoids and other valuable compounds which translates to better quality effects.

A Vaporizer serves us as a handy and very useful device for a really long time. Good quality models are multi-use devices and if only properly cared for (e.g., regularly cleaned, etc.) can really serve us for a long time.

Of course, this mainly applies to good quality products because many of the models available on the market are relatively cheap vaporizers and at the same time lousy "toys", with which the adventure can end even after a few days.

Fortunately, this does not apply to solid vaporizers known and recommended by users like for example X-Max V3 Pro.

A vaporizer is not an e-cigarette

Vaporizers do not use any type of e-liquids, and are not intended for vaporizing tobacco. A vaporizer has a special chamber into which we pour the dry material and as a result of the action of high temperature by means of condensation phenomenon, compounds are released in the form of a vapor cloud.

The goal of vaporizers is not to replace traditional smoking but to improve the health of the person using e.g., CBD dry material or medical marijuana. The vaporizer chamber is simply filled with dry material from our favorite herbs which can also include e.g., lemon balm, dandelion, sage, and many others. We choose those that suit us best.


Vaporizers are completely legal

Owning vaporizers in Poland as well as in most countries of the world is completely legal.


In vaporizers, not only hemp dry material is vaporized

In vaporizers, you can use hemp dry material as well as other herbs, and also concentrates such as waxes or dabs.


Vaporizer for concentrates has a special insert that will allow the correct vaporization of concentrates (dabs or waxes). Good equipment of this type should also support higher temperatures, i.e., above 240 degrees C.

Vaporizer for dry material is the most popularly purchased vaporizer in Poland. You can vaporize St John's wort, valerian, narrow-leaved lavender, linden, lemongrass, catnip, basil, hemp dry material, and CBD dry material in it.


X-Max V3 Pro Vaporizer

X-Max V3 Pro is an example of one of the best vaporizers currently available on the market and is recommended for beginners. It has a number of advantages, such as a long operating time – about 60 minutes, replaceable 18650 battery, USB-C charging port, vibration notifications, OLED display.


In the vaporizer, you can use various medicinal herbs

In vaporizers, you can place and vaporize a wide variety of herbs, both those with typically medicinal properties and for fragrance or flavor qualities. Here it's just a matter of personal preference.

And what specific herbs are most commonly used?

To improve memory and metabolism of the body, basil is vaporized. Eucalyptus, when living in stress, not getting enough sleep, which lowers immunity. Helps to cope with flu and lung infection. For insomnia, the best is vaporizing lavender.
For headache, lemon balm. Ginseng lowers blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and stimulates action.


For a good basic model vaporizer, we will pay from 300 to 500 PLN

If we care about good quality equipment, we will have to prepare for an expense fluctuating around several hundred PLN.

A portable vaporizer and a stationary vaporizer differ from each other primarily, as the name suggests, in dimensions and the place of use during operation. There are also differences in price here.

A good but basic stationary vaporizer can be bought only from about 500 PLN upwards. Whereas a recommended and proven portable vaporizer is an expense of about 300 PLN and more.

The best example of a good portable vaporizer is the aforementioned X-Max V3 Pro, which is an ideal choice for anyone who values convenience and portability.

If, on the other hand, you want to reach for the top shelf, it is worth considering e.g., the Mighty+ vaporizer. Its price is already an expense in the vicinity of 1700 PLN.


Different types of vaporizers are available for sale

From the above entry, you could guess that a whole bunch of different vaporizers is available on the market. The most important groups into which we can divide vaporizers are:


Medical vaporizer

This is not strictly a designation for a specific type of equipment, but rather the application we give it. Medical vaporizers are devices that we use for medical marijuana vaporization – e.g., portable Mighty+ Medic or stationary Volcano Medic 2. They are dedicated to medical users and have the appropriate certificates.


Manual (butane) vaporizers

A manual vaporizer is completely devoid of complex electronics and batteries. It works entirely analog. This is a big advantage because they are almost 100% reliable. However, they require an external source of heat such as a lighter or gas burner. Examples of these models include the entire family of DynaVap VapCap vaporizers, Tetra Vaporizers, or the simplest and cheapest vaporizer "bulb".

Stationary vaporizers with temperature stabilization

This is an excellent choice if you plan to use the device at home. Power supply allowed the use of stronger heaters in these constructions than in portable models.

Portable vaporizers with temperature stabilization

The most popular type of vaporizers due to the fact that you can take it with you wherever you need. They are very convenient to use and choosing the right model is a matter of our budget.

Vaporization can be felt – why?

Vaporizing can indeed be felt, however, this is mainly dependent on which specific herbs you decide on. For example, mint, lemon balm, or lavender have a very pleasant and relaxing scent, not being unpleasant to people around at the same time.

It is not as burdensome to the environment as a smoker. A much lighter and cleaner will be the vapor cloud from the vaporizer than the smoke from an e-cigarette. For which the entire environment of non-smokers will be grateful to you.

This causes a lot of discomfort among many people. Smoke only irritates the respiratory system and makes the person inhaling it a so-called passive smoker. Not to mention the stench of clothes, hair, or anything else.


The smoke from the vaporizer is extremely discreet and almost unnoticeable to our environment. After a few minutes of vaporizing, it is already unnoticeable and does not cause discomfort for the rest of the people. It also does not leave an unpleasant smell on objects such as clothes.


The best vaporizers can be found on

If you are looking for high-class vaporizers, we encourage you to take a closer look at the offer of VAPUJ.PL. Here you will find both stationary and portable vaporizers, those intended both for dry material as well as for concentrates.

In our offer, we have models from the highest shelf as well as cheaper, proven proposals, which are primarily intended for people who are just starting their adventure with Vaporizers and would not want to buy expensive equipment blindly without certainty that it is something for them.


Vaporizers and Vaporizers – frequently asked questions?

How to choose the best vaporizer for CBD?

If you care about maximum taste and olfactory qualities, you should choose a vaporizer with glass elements such as a glass mouthpiece and ceramic ones like a ceramic chamber.

If above all you value the lifespan of the device, the best choice will be a vaporizer from the higher shelf with a replaceable cell. Most models are powered by popular 18650 batteries.

What temperature should I set on the vaporizer?

If you want to vaporize dry material, the most optimal temperature range will be 175-190 degrees Celsius. It's worth experimenting, as each vaporizer and each dry material may behave differently at a given temperature.

Can I use CBD oil in the vaporizer?

No, CBD oil is for oral consumption. Heating and inhaling CBD oil can have serious health consequences.

How long to heat the vaporizer?

Most vaporizers heat up quite quickly, below 30 seconds. After this time, you can start vaporizing. The session usually lasts no longer than a few minutes.

Can I use the vaporizer in a public place?

Using the vaporizer in a public place is completely allowed. However, pay attention that in crowded places people may direct attention to you even if you are vaporizing herbal dry material, not to mention CBD. CBD is legal, but there is still a thin line of allowable THC content in hemp dry material. Vaporizing CBD dry material nonetheless and for the sake of peace is best done in the privacy of your home or in more secluded places.

Is vaporizing healthy?

Vaporizing is healthier than smoking because the dry material is heated to a specified temperature, thus there is no risk of burning, talking here about vaporizers with temperature stabilization. As a result of air condensation, vapor saturated with compounds derived from the dry herb is released. Meanwhile, manual vaporizers are intended for more advanced users and require more attention and skill for proper operation.


When burning CBD dry material, the temperature can reach even 900 degrees Celsius. Such hot smoke is not healthy for our bronchi and lungs. Long-term exposure to this type of action can lead to various health consequences.