Portable vaporizers

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    X-Max DABOO
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    X-MAX V2 PRO
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    Flowermate Uno
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    Tetra 2
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    DaVinci MIQRO
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    Tetra Magnum - Walnut
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    Cool Vape S6
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    Boundless CFV V2
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    Zeus Arc
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    DaVinci IQ
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    Zeus Arc GT
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    DaVinci IQC
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    DaVinci IQ2
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    G Pen Elite 2
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Vaporizers with built-in sensor and an electronic stabilization of temperature. Don't burn the herb. Vaporizers, portable vaporizers with built-in temperature stabilization and manual vaporizers. The most popular devices for vaporization. Thanks to the temperature stabilization, they do not burn the material.

Their use is extremely convenient, simple and effective. Depending on the model, they can vaporize dried, wax or oil. It is the largest group of devices of this type, differing in design, construction of heating elements and setting options. To make the selection easier and to be able to quickly and easily compare portable vaporizers with each other, we have prepared simple pictorial lists of the most important features of the models.

We will find there such information as: battery capacity, operating time, temperature range and other parameters. Thanks to this, choosing the right vaporizer will be really easy. Convection portable vaporizers Our best suggestions include portable convection vaporizers.

Thanks to it, the herbs are heated only by air - it does not come into contact with the heated surface of the chamber. The advantage of such devices is, among others perfectly palpable taste of the mixture chosen by the customer. Some portable convection vaporizers are equipped with a 360 ℃ ceramic chamber, in which the herbs are heated on each side, which translates into thorough vaporization of the substance.

Many models are characterized by LED lighting, as well as a screen informing about the battery status and temperature - these are useful improvements, including they increase the pleasure of using a vaporizer.