Many of you have surely wondered more than once how to improve the power or density of the steam produced. Generally, it all comes down to the quality of the herb, variety, degree of drying, etc. In general, as you know, CBD hemp will produce less vapor than THC.

 As the thing is happening in the Netherlands, we can, for example, improve the quality and density of the vapor on an example of THC dried material.


In the photo below you can see a well-dried, beautiful drought. What will we do with it? We'll put water in it and we'll make the so-called Water Curring, i.e. such purification by water. In Silesia, maybe we could call it wodzionka?

What gives Water Curring and what will happen to our drought?

Water Curring is nothing more than the purification of plant material by water. WC increases the potency and improves the flavor of the herb. After such treatment, the tops have a much darker color, they are more condensed. Their weight also decreases, as some of the unnecessary substances are released into the water and washed away. The weight decreases by about 1/3. However, we gained more power, taste and definitely better vapor. Do a small test on 1g of your dried herb and you will see for yourself. It is also a very good method when we have, for example, a weak drought and we would like to squeeze a little more out of it.

 How to perform Water Curring?

There are no hard and fast rules for Water Curring. Everyone does it their own way, and it looks something like this:

Take the drought you want to purify, it can also be freshly cut buds. Preferably as large as possible, without unnecessary small pieces, because later it will be difficult to fish it all out of the water. From 1 g of dried material, you should get about 0.7 g of wodzionka. In the photo you can see a dried herb weighing 3.8 g. After Water Curring and drying, we got 2.5 g, so we lost about 1/3 of the weight.



Prepare a glass, jar or other vessel and fill it with water. You don't need a lot of water, go ahead and put a few grams of dried herbs into a full glass. It is best to use the purest water possible, e.g. boiled or filtered. The use of mineral waters may result in the precipitation of minerals and sediment.



Throw the herbs into the water, you can gently squeeze it and submerge it completely in the water to get rid of the small air bubbles that are inside the buds. It is best to leave the whole thing in a dark and cool place, an ordinary cupboard is enough. Leave the dish open.

After a few hours, the water will turn yellow, cloudy, brown, depending on how much water we have in relation to the dried material and the level of "pollution" of the dried material. It would be good to change the water several times on the 1st and 2nd day, because dirty water left for longer will simply start to smell, which will adversely affect the final result. In the following days, you can limit yourself to changing the water, it is best to do it 2 times a day.


After about 4-5 days, the dried material is sufficiently cleaned. If the water does not continue to color, we can take out all our buds and drain them on a paper towel. It is even good to squeeze them gently to remove excess water and speed up drying.

So cleaned drought, we can leave it wrapped in a towel and put it in a dry and warm place. You can even put it on a slightly warm radiator, it will speed up drying a bit and will not negatively affect the drought itself.



After a few hours, the water should evaporate completely and we will get a darker color and stronger herb. The smell of tops is now very weak, which can also be an advantage for most users - greater discretion. Some varieties can stink for several meters, even with a small amount of dried material. The smell will be more earthy and subdued. In general, a toilet drought may look like the result of a poor deal with a dubious neighborhood dealer, but don't let that fool you. WC dried herb is very tasty and should intensify its effects in your favorite vaporizer. Check it out :)