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  1. XVAPE Avant
    XVAPE Avant
    Special Price €35.16 Regular Price €52.86
  2. X-Max DABOO
    X-Max DABOO
    Special Price €49.32 Regular Price €61.12
  3. X-MAX V2 PRO
    X-MAX V2 PRO
    Special Price €51.68 Regular Price €56.40
  4. XVAPE Mambo
    XVAPE Mambo
    Special Price €54.04 Regular Price €65.84
  5. X-Max V3 NANO
    X-Max V3 NANO
    As low as €58.76
  6. X-Max V3 Pro
    X-Max V3 Pro
    As low as €63.43
  7. X-Max Riggo
    X-Max Riggo
    As low as €70.56
  8. X-Max Starry 4
    X-Max Starry 4
    As low as €70.56
  9. XLUX Roffu Lite Kit
    XLUX Roffu Lite Kit
    As low as €164.96
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XVAPE - a company located in Denver, Colorado. The company focuses primarily on the production of portable devices. In 2016 was produced a vaporizer called Vital. Very good quality equipment, with great technical parameters and very attractive price.

Another famous model is the X-Max V2 Pro. The latest vaporizer for the X-Max Starry. The Vital Vaporizer is the most popular and popular vaporizer of this company. It is also one of the most cost effective devices aimed primarily at beginners or less demanding users. Xvape Vital offers very decent performance at a relatively low price. Xvape Vital has a built-in 2600mAh battery that provides 120 minutes of continuous operation.

Charged using a built-in standard microUSB port. The modern OLED screen accurately controls temperatures ranging from 100 ° C to 240 ° C, and displays battery status information, etc. Very fast heating, Vital only needs 15 seconds to warm up to 180 ° C. Ceramic drying chamber provides a pure taste experience. The manufacturer also provided an accessory bubbler (water filter) dedicated to the Vital model. X-Max V2 Pro is a vaporizer model designed for vaporization of dried fruits and concentrates (oils, waxes). Thanks to the special contribution - container we have the possibility of vaporization of liquid substances.

The X-Max V2 Pro has 5 predefined temperature settings between 180 - 220 ° C, each of which is signaled by a different color LED. The Vaporizer powers the 18650 replaceable rechargeable battery. X-Max Starry is the latest model of the portable vaporizer. Allows the vaporization of dried and concentrates. It has an OLED screen that displays the necessary information about the device. Range of operating temperatures from 100-240 ° C with adjustable at 1 ° C. The X-Max Starry is powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery.

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We are the official and certified distributor of the X-Max® brand in Poland. When buying from us, you can be sure that all products are 100% original and covered by a full warranty.