Lighter gas burner Honest + GAS Silver Match


Set: Cigarette lighter + GAS Silver Match 300 ml

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Lighter, gas burner from the reputable company HONEST + GAZ Silver Match 300 ml

The Honest lighter is the perfect choice for DynaVap, Sticky Brick or Tetra Vaporizers

High quality

Metal head - it does not melt with prolonged heating as is the case with

other cheap lighters with heads made of plastic

It has 1 nozzle

Adjust the flame length with a convenient knob

Gas filling valve

Height 85 mm



Silver Match gas is the highest quality, purified gas, thanks to which it is safe for health

and for your lighter - it does not clog the nozzles as is the case with other, cheap gases

Perfect for gas burners that can be used with butane vaporizers such as:

DynaVap, Sticky Brick, Tetra Vaporizers, Lotus, Vapman, etc.

Capacity 300 ml




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