CBD Oil 2% 30 ml - Kombinat konopny

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CBD oil from Kombinat Hempny is a real innovation on the hemp market. So far, no one has dared to introduce CBD oil to the market at such a competitive price, while ensuring the highest quality of the product.

As Kombinat Hempny, we strive to dispel the myth that CBD oil has to be expensive. It's not true! Our product is based on many years of experience in hemp cultivation, using raw materials produced exclusively under the full control of Kombinat Hempny.

We do not use chemicals in our crops, which makes Kombinat Hemp's oil a source of CBD as close to nature as possible. One bottle contains as much as 30 ml of oil, which translates into 500 mg of natural CBD!

The oil is obtained through the maceration process of decarboxylated dried hemp and contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids in their active forms. Our product does not contain any isolate additives.

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