Protective foot cream - 75 ml

75 ml
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Protective foot cream - 75 ml

India protective foot cream, thanks to the hemp oil
content, gives a noticeable effect of deep hydration and
regeneration of the skin immediately after application.

The light formula of the India cream penetrates deeply into 
the epidermis, regenerating cracks, smoothing chapped and 
dry parts of the skin. The formula based on natural active 
ingredients, with regular use of the cream, guarantees a 
lasting feeling of softness and smoothness of the feet.

 ✓ Hemp oil - penetrating deep into the skin, it nourishes, moisturizes 
and soothes irritations. Accelerates the regeneration of chapped skin
(especially in the most exposed areas: heels and toes), 
dry, dry and irritated skin.

 ✓ Allantoin - intensively moisturizes, soothes, has 
astringent and regenerating properties.

 ✓ Shea butter - creates a protective barrier against cold 
and frost, softens, regenerates and speeds up the 
healing of small wounds.

 ✓ Urea - intensively moisturizes and softens, increasing
the amount of water in the stratum corneum.

How to use: Massage a small amount of cream 
into the skin of the feet and nails. Use as needed.

Capacity: 75 ml



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