Warming ointment - 50 ml

50 ml
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Warming ointment - 50 ml

It restores the feeling of warmth, has a soothing
and relaxing effect. Ointment with natural, cold-pressed
hemp oil. It contains paprika and ginger extract, as well 
as a warming agent with a refreshing, vanilla aroma that 
provides a long-lasting warming effect and has a low 
irritation profile compared to similar agents. 

The ointment has been enriched with sweet almond
oil, which additionally greases, nourishes, 
smoothes and protects the skin.

Intended use:

- to warm up the joints, muscles and back

- before or after intense exercise

- freezing hands and feet

How to use: The preparation in the form of an 
ointment is applied topically to the skin.

Capacity: 50 ml



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