Medicprogress cooling pain reliever ointment - hemp smear 100ml

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Medicprogress cooling pain reliever
ointment - hemp smear 100ml

The active ingredients provide a cooling,
refreshing and relaxing effect on the skin 
without irritation and unpleasant redness of the skin.

The skin's pleasant cooling effect lasts long after 
application, providing a feeling of relief around 
the affected areas.

It can be easily massaged into the skin and does 
not discolor clothing. No synthetic ingredients. 
Dermatologically tested.


- Extra cooling product

- Regenerating and refreshing

- Hemp oil 5%

- Peppermint and eucalyptus

Massage with this product helps to feel the cooling of
the skin around the tense parts of the body, and thus 
contributes to the feeling of relief from muscle fatigue.

It is well known that improving blood circulation and 
stimulating parts of the blood around the joints helps
to dampen stiffness that can lead to chronic pain.

Hemp: Helps to regenerate and soothe skin irritations. 
It softens and contains anti-inflammatory substances.
It soothes the symptoms of dry skin, cracking and acne.

Active substances

Thanks to its composition, hemp oil is rich in essential fatty 
acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, phytin and cannabidiolic 
acid with a strong bactericidal effect. It is also a source of 
important minerals - calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium,
potassium and iron, manganese, zinc, silicon or platinum, 
and hemp oil is effective in reducing signs of aging. 

Unsaturated fatty acids have excellent calming, anti-inflammatory
and regenerative properties, keeping the skin naturally supple. 
The external application of hemp oil will help to alleviate or 
eliminate skin problems manifested by drying and cracking 
of the skin, as well as symptoms of acne, atopic eczema 
or psoriasis.


Apply a sufficient amount of the preparation to the skin 
and thoroughly massage the preparation into the skin with
concentrated movements of the fingers and hands. 
Repeat the application if necessary.

We recommend using it at least 3-5 times a day for 
the best relaxing effect.

The cooling effect gradually appears after a few minutes.

It is recommended to test the effect of the product on 
the skin of the forearm before the first application.

Repeat the application for a more intense skin cooling effect.



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