Konopielka express tea 16g

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Konopielka express tea 16g

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Konopielka hemp tea is 100% of hemp flowers (Cannabis Sativa L.) grown in Poland. Konopielka tea is an ideal drink for busy and busy people, for people who appreciate the intense flavor and aroma of infusions.

We are restoring the Polish tradition of hemp cultivation, as well as the memory of native customs based on a good relationship between humans and nature, giving them a touch of modern design.

Fun fact: The name of the tea is not accidental. It alludes to the cultivated to this day, among others in Podlasie the Easter tradition, in which men gathered in the so-called On the Christmas night, the companies of the people went from house to house, singing good wishes to their hosts. The maidens and bachelors were wished to change their marital status, and the farmers were wished to have a good crop. "Konopielka" is also the title of a novel by Edward Redliński, filmed in 1981, which tells an extraordinary story that happens at the junction of tradition and modernity.

Net package content:

16 g (20 convenient express bags)

Ingredients and allergens:

100% Cannabis sativa L.


The manufacturer does not provide

A method of preparing:

Place the sachet in a 250 ml vessel, pour water at 85 ° C and cover. Brew for 1 to 3 minutes. Take the sachet out of the vessel due to its intense flavor

Storage method:

Store in a cool and dry place. Protect against direct sunlight.

Manufacturer, country of origin:

General Hemp Marketing Sp. Z o.o.
ul. Kościelniaka 26a
41-409 Mysłowice

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