Colorless protective lipstick - 3.8 g

3.8 g
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Colorless protective lipstick - 3.8 g

Protective lipstick with hemp oil.

Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes lips - making 
them soft and well-groomed.

A special formula delicately lubricates the lips, creating 
a protective layer on the lips that protects against drying
by the harmful influence of external factors, i.e. cool air or 
gusty wind .. At the same time, the lipstick gently shines 
and gives the lips a healthy look.

With the India Colorless Protective Lipstick, you will no 
longer be in the trouble of such unpleasantness
as dry or chapped lips.

In the composition of the lipstick you will find natural
active ingredients such as:

✓ Hemp oil - soothes irritated skin and accelerates
its regeneration, while gently lubricating it, creating 
a shield against cold, wind or sun rays;

✓ Cottonseed oil - perfectly nourishes and protects 
hypersensitive skin;

✓ Vitamin E - protects the epidermis and regenerates
collagen fibers, softens and smoothes;

✓ Almond oil - has anti-inflammatory properties, 
neutralizes free radicals.

How to use: Use several times a day 
depending on your needs.

Weight: 3.8 g



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