Lamp LED Mars Hydro TS 600 100W

TS 600 100W
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The new LED lamp for growing plants
Mars Hydro TS 600 100W The perfect lamp for growing plants at home 230 SMD LEDs - full light spectrum
660-665nm, 3200-4200Knm, 5200-6800Knm Very solid and precisely made housing Silent Hangers for mounting the lamp Each diode works independently, if it happens
that a diode is burned, the others will continue to glow Parameters of Mars Hydro TS 600 100W: Power consumption (± 10%): 1.378A / 110V, 0.797A / 220V. Longer life -Amp Draw: 1.378A / 110v, 0.797A / 220v - Luminous flux (± 5%): 12410 lumens at AC120V, 11465 lumens at AC240 V. Noise level: 0 DB Input voltage: AC110-130V, 220-240V. -Qualification: UL, RoHS, CE, SAA, PSE Approximate dimensions: 36cm x 31cm x 4cm

Included: -Lamp Mars TS 600 100W -Hangers for hanging -Steel cable -Power cable

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