Hemp drought 11% CBD - Bubble Skunk 1g

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Hemp drought 11% CBD - Bubble Skunk 1g

Bubble Skunk is a cannabis strain with a mature, 
dark color. It produces large-sized flowers that are profusely 
covered with resin. The aroma of this variety is characteristic 
of its name - chewing gum. 
Bubble Skunk plants were grown indoors. C.

CBD: 11%

THC: <0.2%

The flowers are obtained from selected, certified varieties, entered on the EU list.
Flowers are 100% female plant, seedless, carefully trimmed from leaves, top quality.
The plants were grown in a controlled environment using organic 
methods, without the use of pesticides and herbicides.
Not for consumption, processing prohibited. No smoking.
Extreme CBD content from the last dozen or so laboratory analyzes 
of a given species. The CBD content in the inflorescences 
of one plant may vary within the given values.
The distributor and the manufacturer are not responsible
for the content in the event of a breach of the seal.
Legal product, THC content <0.2%, admitted to trading



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